Preferred Physician Referral Program

We treat all patients the way we would want our own family members treated with accurate, high-quality and compassionate service at the most affordable price.

Even though most Americans DO have medical insurance, one in ten still report they delayed or did not get care because of cost reasons. It’s even worse for the uninsured - 37% of those without medical insurance have delayed or gone completely without care because of the expense. This is a sobering and unfortunate truth in the state of healthcare today.

We developed our Preferred Physician Referral Program because we want to serve the community of physicians who need a caring, short wait, low cost, worry-free, quick-turn-around service for their patients. Everyday, we receive physician referred patients because of problems with overcrowded imaging clinics, spiraling insurance and medical costs, scheduling overloads and the search for low cost options.

Most of our physician referred patients have come from Physician Teams who find their patient fits one or more of these categories:

  • Physician Team discovers the Patient has a high insurance deductible and needs another option
  • Physician Team discovers that the Patient’s medical insurance has lapsed or they don’t have coverage
  • Physician Team determines the Patient doesn’t want to get their ultrasound from an in-network provider
  • Physician Team needs the answers in days, not weeks for the Patient from their ultrasound exam
  • Physician Team learns the Patient wants a faster and more personal experience than they’ll get at a hospital or large imaging center
  • Physician Team determines the Patient prefers a Covid Conscious (we disinfect between appointments) facility and follow CDC guidelines
  • Physician Team can’t get a timely appointment with their go-to imaging center because of understaffing or backlog
  • Patient has expressed the need for a low cost ultrasound exam option to the Physician Team

We know how valuable a referral from a Physician is and we work hard to keep our referring doctors pleased with our service. If you would like help in streamlining your options for your patients who seem to be facing these challenges, we can help. We have an experienced team ready to reach out to you to discuss the needs of your Physician Team.

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